ADAS Calibration New Brunswick

Are you looking for ADAS Calibration New Brunswick? Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, also called ADAS, have revolutionized the automotive industry to enhance driver safety and comfort, but they rely on a sophisticated network of sensors and cameras. Your vehicle needs ADAS calibration from qualified professionals whenever your windshield cracks or needs replacing. Not sure where to start? Here’s what to know about the technology and how the team at Auto Glass Direct can help.

What is ADAS Calibration?

Image of inside of car and camera system to convey the importance of ADAS callibration New BrunswickADAS is a combination of safety features and smart technology that includes automatic braking, lane departure warnings, and adaptive cruise control. ADAS calibration (and recalibration) precisely and meticulously aligns, tests, and adjusts your sensors and cameras installed. It’s a necessary process after an accident, when your windshield needs an extensive repair or replacement, and just after experiencing normal wear and tear.

The team at Auto Glass Direct ensures your ADAS functions accurately and reliably so you can drive safer and get timely warnings in various situations. However, older cars don’t necessarily have ADAS calibration and may not need it after a windshield repair or replacement.

Why Is ADAS Calibration So Important?

ADAS calibration New Brunswick takes time but is an essential part of the windshield replacement process. Here are just some of the reasons you need it for your vehicle:

Safety Enhancement: Just like an emergency brake, a properly calibrated ADAS system keeps you safer on the road. It directly reduces the risk of accidents by detecting and responding to potential dangers on the road.

Optimized Performance: Precise calibration keeps your ADAS functionality working seamlessly and integrates with other vehicle systems for a smoother driving experience.

Avoid Driving Issues: If you don’t re-calibrate your vehicle after an accident, it could result in your car suddenly braking, swerving, or reacting to incorrect information about what’s going on around you.

Our team works on all makes and models, including high-end luxury cars and heavy-duty trucks. We restore your vehicle’s safety systems to their optimal functionality to make sure your vehicle’s ADAS is working the way it should and per the manufacturer’s specifications.

The Role of ADAS Calibration in Windshield Replacement

Auto Glass Direct offers mobile repairs for small cracks and dings in your windshield. But when you’ve been in an accident, need a windshield replacement, have damaged sensors, or are experiencing wear and tear, it’s vital to have ADAS calibration New Brunswick. Our team will get to work on the ADAS sensors attached to your windshield and throughout your vehicle to ensure proper alignment and avoid any compromised functionality.

ADAS calibration New Brunswick is not a DIY job. It requires specialized tools and expertise. Our team follows strict protocols and best practices to ensure your sensors and cameras are realigned accurately and safely.

What Are the Costs and Time Frames of ADAS Calibration?

Image of Auto Glass Direct garage to convey static ADAS callibration New BrunswickIf you need ADAS calibration New Brunswick after an insurable event, such as a car accident, your policy may cover the repair. Contact your insurance provider in advance to ask about what’s covered and the deductible.

Once you’re ready to get the work done, we’ll determine if we can perform a static recalibration in a controlled environment or a dynamic recalibration where one of our ADAS experts needs to drive your vehicle under specific conditions to perform the service. The type of calibration you need will determine the time it takes to finish the work.

Get ADAS Calibration New Brunswick

Auto Glass Direct is here to help you restore the safety of your vehicle and ADAS to help you get back to your day. When you call our team, you’re always connected to a friendly, knowledgeable representative who can help. Our skilled technicians uphold the highest ethical standards in our work and strive to exceed your expectations. We act with honesty and transparency for the quality customer service you deserve. Ready to book your ADAS Calibration New Brunswick? Get a quote today!