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If you’re driving around with rock and debris damage, you need immediate Auto Glass Repair Toms River. A windshield that has any cracks or chips needs to be addressed before it gets any worse and turns into a need for a total replacement. Don’t compromise your safety with damaged glass when we can help. The experts at Auto Glass Direct offer mobile repair services anywhere in the tristate area. Are you ready to book your service? Learn more about what to expect and how we can help get you back to your daily routine with minimal stress and interruptions.

Auto Glass Direct
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Mike BMike B
23:05 03 Feb 24
Can't say enough great things about these guys. They came to my home and replaced the windshield, no mess, no hassle! I even had some wires run along the inside they made sure to hide them cleanly. The job was done perfectly, thanks!
Jay KJay K
01:24 17 Jun 23
Called, got a good price and scheduled time for them to come to me. Came on time and did good job for quoted price.
Carlos ChanzaCarlos Chanza
02:27 08 Nov 22
Solomon FongSolomon Fong
15:00 19 Jul 22
Got one price quoted per message, called got a different number, called back next day and no appointments for month while not willing to accept new customers.
Iam TheownerIam Theowner
21:12 13 Nov 20
Trish RiveraTrish Rivera
11:55 29 Aug 20
Very quick & very professional. He drove all the way to my job in Monmouth county & repaired my windshield. Hassle free. Great price. Excellent service. What more can I say? These guys are great!!Thank you Auto Glass Direct!!
Patrick RybinskiPatrick Rybinski
21:57 28 Mar 20
This week (3/26) on my way home on the I95, my car got hit with a decent pebble which caused quite a big crack on my windshield. I gave this shop a call since they're located not far from my town. Steve managed to squeeze me in the next day after hours. Steve is the guy to call when it comes to glass repairs. Super nice guy, very well organized, the whole process took 1 hour. I have 2010 Forester with heated windshield package, and he had the identical replacement. The price was $240 with glass and labor included. Highly recommend you call this shop for any glass repairs
Dusty BlueBawlsDusty BlueBawls
21:05 26 Nov 19
If you're looking for any glass work to be done on your car, truck, etc. These guys are your best option. I just got my windshield replaced, it looks amazing, for a fraction of the price you're going to pay at any of the others. And VERY professional as well. Worked with me and showed up the exact minute they said they'd be there. Very prompt, results were seriously outstanding. I was afraid since it was dramatically cheaper, that maybe the work wouldn't end up as well as the overpriced places. I couldn't have been more wrong. I'm not the type to blow smoke, so seriously you ( & your pockets) will be glad you chose Auto Glass Direct. any future auto-glass problems I have, I wouldn't even hesitate to call anyone but. It's great work, for a great price, and done by easy going, friendly professionals.
Larry MiragliaLarry Miraglia
19:35 28 Oct 19
Had multiple cars done for my windshields. Very professional and clean work. Always answers the phone and calls right back with prices if they need to call warehouse. Always on time as well. Highly recommend Steve and mike for any glass service.

Keep Damage from Spreading

Image of technician working on a car to convey the benefits of Windshield Repair East Brunswick - auto glass directIt only takes seconds for debris and rocks to fly up and damage your windshield. Even if the cracks and fissures are very small, they can spread into full-blown damage after hitting a pothole or from inclement weather changes. There’s no telling when it’s too late to repair your windshield. Once cracks form, you’re putting your overall safety at risk.

Windshield damage is about more than just visibility issues. If you’re ever involved in an auto accident and rollover in your car or truck, existing windshield damage can mean structural issues. In other words, the cabin of your vehicle could collapse without a strong windshield to help keep it structurally sound.

Get Back to Your Daily Routine as Quickly as Possible

We get it. There’s just never a good time to deal with auto glass repair Toms River. The team at Auto Glass Direct makes it as easy as possible with reliable, convenient service. We come to your home, workplace, or anywhere in the tristate area. The time to repair your vehicle can vary depending on what’s going on, but it usually takes about 30 minutes with some additional time to cure and set before you get back on the road.

It’s important to note that auto glass repair usually isn’t possible if your damage is 2″ or more. We may also need to re-calibrate your Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to ensure everything in your car is still communicating properly, from automatic braking to lane departure warnings. The goal is to restore your peace of mind and get you back safely on the road.

Save Resources and Money

Auto Glass Repair Toms River does require an upfront investment, but is often free with many insurance policies. Your insurance provider may even waive the deductible. Even if your insurance doesn’t pay for it, windshield repair is usually cost-effective with the help of a strong resin that strengthens the damaged area. You’ll find it keeps any cracks and splinters from spreading, but it won’t stop new damage from occurring.

Get Invisible Protection

When you get auto glass repair Toms River, you want invisible, durable protection. You don’t have to worry about unsightly blemishes or unsightly resin fixes. Our process is seamless and gets your car back on the road as quickly as possible for a stress-free experience.

Stay Out of Trouble on the Road

Did you know that some states have laws that fine drivers who have chipped or cracked windshields? It doesn’t necessarily manage how bad the damage is or where it’s located and it is up to the discretion of law enforcement to decide if it poses a problem. That means even minor damage could mean receiving citations and fines every time you hit the road.

Restore the Look and Aesthetics of Your Car Again

Close up image of a luxury car and windshield to convey the importance of Windshield Repair New JerseyEven if you’re not thinking about selling your car and want to maximize your sales price, no one enjoys driving a beat-up-looking car. Windshield cracks are unsightly, look dangerous, and need immediate attention. You end up with diminished interest in your vehicle and can also look unprofessional if your job includes driving clients around.

Get Auto Glass Repair Toms River

Auto Glass Direct is focused on providing exceptional and personalized customer service to restore the safety and integrity of your windshield. We don’t answer your calls with automated responses or robots. You’re always connected to a friendly, knowledgeable representative who can help. Our team also upholds the highest ethical standards. We act with honesty and transparency for the quality customer service you deserve. Book your auto glass repair Tom’s River.

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