6 Reasons to Choose Windshield Repair Toms River

Need immediate windshield repair Toms River? When you hear a rock or pebble hit your windshield, the first reaction is usually dread and frustration. Yet no one has the time to deal with windshield damage. That’s why the team at Auto Glass Direct built a business around fast, convenient, and reliable windshield repair and replacement services. Learn more about what to expect and how we work to efficiently fix your glass and get you back on the road.

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Charles CarterCharles Carter
12:53 13 Sep 23
Great company …they got my windshield when no other company could beside the dealer great installer fast and done correct..
21:09 30 Aug 23
Matthew PetragliaMatthew Petraglia
22:56 13 Feb 23
Great service. They come to you so you don’t even have to bring it anywhere and my car looks great. Highly recommend!
Efiy KatanakisEfiy Katanakis
03:55 19 Nov 22
I love Angel's auto glass the price was well worth it I called at 8:00 am by 9:00 am they told me the got the glass for my flatbed truck and the best part is I didn't have to drive to them they come and fix it on the spot so if anybody needs auto glass replacement call Angels that's my angel.
Emily MincherEmily Mincher
20:18 03 Nov 22
Called about a cracked windshield on Wednesday and they came to my house Thursday morning to replace it! Very nice and helpful on the phone, worked with insurance company, and guys who installed new windshield were very nice and quick. Thanks Steven and Michael!
James EickJames Eick
06:53 22 Jul 20
Something kicked up on the expressway while I was heading to work and smashed my drivers side windshield. I headed home feeling great that I didn’t get into a serious accident but also worried that this was going to be a big expensive job. I went online and checked some sites, and decided to give Auto Glass Direct a call when they opened 2 hours later. I’M VERY GLAD I DID. The person answering the phone was very friendly and said they could do the job early that day and at my home. Not only was the windshield going to be done in a timely manner but when I heard the price I was very relieved. As promised Steve and Mike from Auto Glass Direct showed up as promised early, and had the windshield replaced in no time. The whole process was done very professionally and neat. I was even surprised that they were able to remove the inspection and registration from the old window and place them on the new one. I usually don’t write reviews, but I felt that these guys were a great asset to their company and deserved the recognition. Thx again Auto Glass Direct, well done 👍.
Jesse ReillyJesse Reilly
16:56 06 Jun 20
This company was very professional, I have my wind shield destroyed, Someone threw a brick through it. I call this company the day after the Incident happened, He came and professionally installed my front windshield. The guy was very easy to talk to and knew what he was talking about. I would highly recommend this company to a friend and a family member, thank you very much.
Dan JuniorDan Junior
02:54 30 Jan 19
Very professional and knowledgable repairmen! They were the most reasonably priced and accommodating guys in the area to fix my Nissan truck windshield. They showed up on schedule and saved me the hassle of leaving the house. I would recommend their services in the future.

1) Repair Instead of Replace

There are times when a damaged windshield needs to be completely replaced, especially if it’s compromising your vision and safety on the road. But if the damage is 2″ or less, it can usually be repaired with the help of windshield repair Toms River. Give our knowledgeable reps a call to talk through your issue. We’ll help you figure out if you need a repair or replacement and send out a technician as soon as possible.

2) Get Affordable Service

No one expects to dig into their budget to deal with cracked glass. Fortunately, windshield repair Toms River can be straightforward and affordable. In some cases, you may even find the service ends up being free. Give your auto insurance provider a call to ask about the costs involved. It’s not uncommon for insurance to waive the deductible altogether for a completely free service. If you do pay for your service out of pocket, you’ll find our services efficient and cost-effective.

3) Keep the Damage from Spreading

Have you ever noticed how fast cracks and dings on glass can spread? Just like you wouldn’t continue drinking out of a cracked glass, you also shouldn’t drive around with a damaged windshield. It can continue splintering for no reason after hitting a pothole or during a temperature change. Once the damage spreads past 2″, you can no longer repair your windshield and need a full replacement.

It’s not worth the risk. Call Auto Glass Direct for our mobile windshield repair Toms River and get back on the road as quickly as possible.

4) Strengthen Your Windshield

Safety always comes first when it comes to driving. Beyond impairing your vision, damaged glass could turn into a dangerous situation. In extreme cases, vulnerable windshields can also leave you vulnerable during an accident. If you ever roll over during an accident, your vehicle’s cab could collapse.

5) Prioritize Convenience

There’s no point in derailing your entire day over a windshield repair Toms River when our mobile service comes directly to you. We serve customers anywhere in the tristate area with a trained crew ready to repair or replace your windshield. Book your service for your driveway, workplace, or a parking lot that’s convenient for you. Your repair takes around half-an-hour, but you’ll need some additional time to let it set and cure. By the time you’re ready to end your workday or wrap up your outing, your windshield will be ready to go.

6) Keep Out of Legal Trouble

There’s more at stake than a splintering windshield. Ignoring the damage could lead to ongoing citations and tickets. Many states, including New Jersey, will pull you over for a broken windshield. Those fines can add up, making it more cost-effective to get a fast and convenient windshield repair Toms River.

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Schedule Your Windshield Repair Toms River

Auto Glass Direct is here to help you restore the safety of your windshield and get you back to your day. When you call our team, you’re always connected to a friendly, knowledgeable representative who can help. Our skilled technicians uphold the highest ethical standards in our work and strive to exceed your expectations. We act with honesty and transparency for the quality customer service you deserve. Ready to book your windshield repair Toms River?? Get a quote today!